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Chad C. - GC Transport

April 1, 2018

We are very pleased about the decision we made to purchase our GPS tracking devices from Affordable GPS Tracking. From the beginning, Victor was very helpful in helping us choose the right system that our company needed. No pressure sale, just very useful information.
My company realized a very quick return on our investment by reducing the labor cost, especially over time. Fuel cost also dropped almost immediately and later on we contacted our insurance to see if we qualify for a lower cost due to the fact that these devices are considered a theft recovery device. With proper management of the system that Victor showed us and using the different reports that are available on the system to manage the fleet, we have reduced our overtime cost by 23% and a reduction in monthly fuel cost by 18%. I believe the insurance reduction was about 8%. With a fleet of over 100 vehicles that adds up and is a true money saver!


All of this happened at a time when we were expanding our fleet. The numbers keep coming in and the savings as well.I would highly recommend Affordable GPS Tracking to anyone looking at GPS systems. Their customer service is number one in my book — we get

a live person on the phone that listens to us and takes care of our needs.

Greg F. - JBS Swift Co.

February 27, 2018

Nicole, I would like you to know that your GPS system has been very valuable to us as a company in terms of driver management and cost savings. We have reduced overtime hours dramatically within the first two weeks of using the service. The system gives us the ability to review routing of trucks to ensure the most efficient routes are being utilized by our drivers reducing fuel and running costs as well. On March 15, 2010 one of our trucks was stolen from our service yard and with the GPS system we were able to locate the truck, call the police and have the truck back in service in less than two hours of time. Without the system the hours of lost service for this truck could have been up to a few days costing us much more than the monthly service fee in rental equipment fees.

Thank you for providing us a very valuable and cost effective service and product, it is greatly appreciated.

David L. - Company Inc.

January 7, 2018

I found Central Valley GPS online when needing a portable GPS for an Ironman Triathlon competition. I called them Friday afternoon

and they had the GPS delivered the next day -Saturday before the race. Central Valley GPS was extremely responsive with all my

questions. This company stands out among others with its impressive service. Thanks again.

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